Motorcycle waterproof trousers BL-Tour

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Trousers specifications include:

  • Don't get wet - Designed to be fully waterproof, the Spectre trousers are around to stop you getting a soaking
  • Built to last - Lightweight yet durable, they're easy to store when not in use but will last you for years to come
  • Be safe, be seen - Reflective strips have been strategically placed to provide the highest amount of safety coverage possible
  • Pad it out - Reinforced textile material strengthens the seat of the trousers, thus providing extra strength in key areas
  • Leg-taper mechanism - Easily pull the bottom of each leg in to the contours of your body to achieve a more personalised fit
  • Boot straps included - Simply stretch the straps over your boots for a truly secure fit
  • Secure storage - A small storage bag is included with the Spectre trousers as standard, making it easier than ever to store them away under a seat or in a backpack

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