Sho-X full face helmet

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  • Advanced Aerodynamic Polycarbonate Shell Construction - Stylishly designed, the polycarbonate shell of the helmet helps keep you safe on your journey
  • Internal Sun Visor - With an easy to locate lever on the left of the helmet activating it, the drop-down inner sun visor allows you to protect your eyes from the sun without having to wear sunglasses
  • Vented - Air intakes on the chin and front of provide optional airflow through the helmet to reduce fogging of the visor and ensuring you stay cool even on those hot summer days
  • Micro-metric Retention System - The quick-release micrometric buckle allows for small adjustments to be made to the tightness of the strap, keeping your helmet secure without compromising comfort
  • Multi-Positional Visor - The visor can be opened to six different positions, allowing the rider to find their perfect position
  • Anti-Scratch Visor - The visor is specially manufactured to resist scratching from light airborne impacts
  • Fully Removable Lining - Removable and washable liner and cheekpads allow you to keep your helmet feeling fresh and new
  • ECER 22 - 05 Approved - The helmet meets the European regulations for safety, making it fully road legal in both the UK and Europe

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